Always and Forever Adoption Homeland Tours is a tour service agency that specializes in arranging heritage tours for families with children adopted from China. The purpose of our adoption homeland tours is to help the adopted child discover his or her heritage, enhance the adoptive families’ understanding of China, its people, culture and customs, foster their love for China, and create positive memories of the adopted child’s homeland.

We take great pride in being recognized as one of the most reputable adoption homeland tour providers. With headquarters in Portland, Oregon, a managing office in Beijing, and representative offices in various adoption provinces throughout China, we have been providing homeland tour services to adoptive families in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia since 2003. We thrive on offering family and child oriented China tour programs, a wealth of knowledge and experiences in adoption travel, competitive tour costs as well as personalized services. Our founder Michael Z. Han and friendly staff members all came from a career background of facilitating international adoptions from China and arranging adoption travel. The tour guides we use in China are all adoption guides who are experienced in working with adoptive families, familiar with Chinese orphanages, and sensitive about adoption issues.

Let Always and Forever Adoption Homeland Tours help you see China without a care — we will take care of everything for you and your family as you travel back to your child’s birthplace. Pick as many destinations as you like, visit your orphanage, and choose to tour alone or with a group.

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The trip was phenomenally good. It exceeded all our expectations, and has made our daughters want to return to China – and there could be no better outcome than that! The planning on the part of Always and Forever was meticulous, nothing was left to chance, and we quickly knew that we were in very good hands. The hotels were all well chosen; group meals were excellent; guides in each city were friendly and helpful; travel between cities was easy; and most important, each day’s outings were carefully planned, with a thoughtful balance between what would be of interest to adults and what would be of interest to children. Apart from the most obvious “must see” tourist spots such as the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Terra Cotta Soldiers, and the Li River cruise, we particularly enjoyed many of the special things that are not included in most tours, such as having lunch with a family in the Hutong District, watching how silk is made, riding bikes on the city wall in Xi’an, learning how to do calligraphy at a small Xi’an art museum, visiting a 200-year-old farm near Guilin, and floating down the Li on a bamboo raft. These things added a great deal of depth to the trip and created some indelible memories for our daughters. So did our special group meals – the delicious Peking Duck lunch in Beijing, an impromptu dinner with Peter in Xi’an at which he ordered expertly for everyone, and of course the fabulous dumpling restaurant in Xi’an.

Jim from Pennsylvania

Michael and his amazing staff were able to put together a complicated homeland tour with patience and humor, and the trip was flawless! The China staff translators and drivers were knowledgeable and cordial, and made the trip so enjoyable.  The cost was reasonable, too.  We highly recommend Always and Forever for homeland tours!

Karla from Maryland

We had a wonderful, meaningful, informative, and in my daughters’ words, “awesome” trip. They made many new friends from the contact information Always and Forever provided before we left the U.S. And in my daughters’ eyes, the friends made the trip more fun and relevant. This trip has helped me accomplish several things: I want my daughters to be proud of their Chinese heritage, be more curious about China, and be motivated to learn the Mandarin language. All the tour guides we had were excellent. They were well informed, patient, helpful, and took very good care of us.

Mary Jane from California

Dear Peter,

You are a great tour leader! You were amazing in the way you addressed everyone’s needs and questions. You are especially to be commended for dealing with the boiling frustrations in the Beijing-Xi’an flight delay.

Thanks for playing with the kids! They adore you! And, we are in awe of the way you can stay cool, juggle chaos and still be pleasant.

Thank you!

The Tomko Family

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! The trip was more than we EVER dreamt it could be! We found our daughter’s discovery site – a bridge over a rice field and the man who found her!!! We had lunch with the new director of the orphanage and the former director whom our daughter used to call Grandpa.

Folks there told us that probably the abandonment site would soon be gone, as a new road is being built there. Lots of old buildings have been abandoned and the town has moved in a different part of the area just since 1999. We are all SO thankful for this opportunity — that you and your staff made happen. THANK YOU!

The Buscemi Family

Since the first day we brought Christine, our daughter, home from China, we knew that one day we’d want to bring her back to see where she came from, but we never thought we’d be able to do it. Thank you, Michael, for the opportunity to make that marvelous and poignant trip. You planned every detail superbly. This was not only a grand tour of China, but it was also a deeply personal and rewarding visit to our daughter’s beginning.

We met the gracious, caring, and professional director and staff of the orphanage that raised our daughter for her first year. We played with the children there now and wished we could bring many of them back with us. We never could have done this without your expertise, your contacts, and your knowledge of your country. This will be a positive and inspiring experience our daughter will not forget.

We were so glad we could go now before the people and the places change too much; things are changing so fast in China lately.

The Kuhn Family

What a fantastic trip! My daughter and I truly had a wonderful time in China. I believe it gave new insights to her about China. The highlight of course was the orphanage city where I believe it was just the right time and place for my daughter to learn more about her heritage.

Without your assistance it would never have been possible to acquire such information or to meet with the police officers who found her. We are now back to the life in the US but a little more enlightened about the wonderful history and people of China. Thank you so much for traveling with us on that journey.

Claire from Oregon

Michael, I just wanted to tell you what a FABULOUS time we had in China!!!!!! Thank you so much for everything that you did – it was a perfect trip. I keep looking at our photos and smiling – I love reliving each moment. There were so many special features about this trip. One thing that I really enjoyed was the variety of experiences and life adventures that our guides provided. Everyone of our guides came from different home environments.

I also wanted you to know how GREAT our visit to the orphanage. We could not have asked for a better reception and experience!!! We were able to meet the foster mom and the lady who found my daughter. We visited the finding site. Everything about that day was better than I had expected. My daughter has grown up hearing about how great a country China is…but to be able to visit and learn about her birthplace and her country, to be able to eat the food (starfish included), smell the smells, mingle with the people, see the countryside of the birthplace, etc is having a profound effect on her.

She has always had a strong sense of self, but now she truly believes that she is “one of the chosen ones!” She loves her heritage, and is so proud to be Chinese. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Michael, for all your careful planning, working out the fine details, the organization, etc. We never had to think or plan anything. We could just experience China and enjoy ourselves. We are already talking about our next trip. It’s not a question of “if”. Rather, it’s a question of “when”.

Pam from Oregon
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