China Adoption Heritage Tours (Group Tours)

With experienced China adoption professionals and tour experts, we at Always and Forever Adoption Homeland Tours understand what this trip really means to your family and your child. Our China Adoption Heritage Tours (group tours) are especially designed for families who plan to visit China probably for the first time since the adoption. These tours bring you all the variety of life in China and take you back to the child’s hometown.

In addition to the must-see cities with famous cultural, natural, and historical sites, these tours include a trip to your child’s home province and a visit to his/her former orphanage where the family will have a chance to reunite with people related to the adoption. When sightseeing, we incorporate kid’s friendly activities and places where local children frequent and interaction with local people so that you and your child can observe, experience and learn the real life and culture first hand. Keeping the needs of young children in mind, we design our group tours to strike a good balance between the desire to see as much as possible and yet wanting to have time to relax. We use 4-star hotels that are conveniently located inside the city, most likely in the downtown area, where families and children can feel free to explore the local neighborhood and interact with the local people during their free time. We never put our travelers in hotels that are located in remote suburbs. We control our tour group size and set a cap of 10 families for each group. We usually have 4 to 8 families per group. Small to be comfortable, small to be flexible, and, small to enjoy the personal attention and special care you deserve!

All of these tours begin in Beijing. The starting date of each tour is when you will need to arrive in order to join the group. For each of the above group tour date, families may choose either Tour I (Beijing-Xi’an-Chengdu) or Tour II (Beijing-Xi’an-Guilin). After the group tour ends in Chengdu or Guilin, each family may choose to add the customized extension of their choice. The overall length of the trip that includes the customized extension normally lasts 12-14 days. Those who need to visit two or more orphanages should plan more days accordingly.

For those who wish to add on a customized extension, we suggest that you look at our Single City Tours or Special Theme Tours. Or, you can fill out the Customized Tour Request Form for your convenience.

Due to the fact that our tour group participants come from various locations and in order to allow flexibility of add-ons before or after the group tours, our tour fees do not include the international airfare between your home city and China. If you need assistance in booking international flights, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.

We will no longer participate in the Beijing summer camp program organized by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office. If you are interested in this program, please contact Lisa Kifer at China Heritage Tours. Always and Forever will work with these families on the extended tours (including orphanage visits) they wish to add before or after the Beijing Summer Camp.

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