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Major Holidays and Festivals in China

Major Holidays Date
New Year January 1st
Spring Festival (The Chinese New Year) Normally in late January or early February
The International Women Day March 8th
The Labor Day May 1st
The Chinese Youths’ Day May 4th
The International Children’s Day June 1st
The Birthday of the CCP July 1st
The Birthday of the People’s Liberation Army August 1st
The National Day October 1st

Major Festivals

Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) Date: The first day of the year in the lunar calendar. This is usually in late January or early February.Place: NationwideActivities: Fireworks display, visiting and greeting family and friends, Yang Ge dancing, lion and dragon dancing, temple fairs, and many other celebrations of Chinese folklore.
Lantern Festival Date: 15th of the first lunar monthPlace: NationwideActivities: Lantern expositions, garden parties, fireworks displays, and folk dances
Qingming (Pure Brightness) Festival Date: 12th of the 3rd lunar month, usually around April 4th or 5th.Place: NationwideActivities: Cleaning ancestors’ graves, holding memorial ceremonies, the making of offerings to pay respects to the dead, a spring family outing, and flying kites. Offerings to the dead, which include the burning of ceremonial paper money, are both to honor ancestors and to pray for a year of good luck
Dragon Boat Festival Date: 5th day of the 5th lunar monthPlace: NationwideActivities: Dragon Boat races and eating of Zongzi (pyramid-shaped rice wrapped in reed or bamboo leaves).
Mid-Autumn Festival (the Moon Festival) Date: 15th day of the 8th lunar month.Place: NationwideActivities: Dragon boat racing, enjoying the moonlight, and eating moon cakes

Weights and Measures

Both the local and international standards for weights and measures are used in China. Below is a conversion chart between the metric system, the Chinese system and the imperial system:

Metric Chinese Imperial
Meter Centimeter Li Chi Mile Feet Inch
1 100 0.002 3 0.0006213712 3.2808 39.37
500 50000 1 1500 0.3106856 1640.42 19685.04
1609.344 160934.4 3.21 4828.032 1 5280 63360
0.33 33 0.00066 1 0.0002026515 1.08 12.96
0.305 30.5 0.00061 0.914 0.0001893939 1 12

Unit of Weight

Metric Chinese Imperial
Kg Jin Liang Pound
1 2 20 2.205 pound
0.5 1 10 1.102 pound
0.454 0.907 9.07 1 pound

Square Measure

Metric Chinese Imperial
Hectare Sq meter Mu Acre Sq yard Sq feet
0.0001 1 0.001493 0.0002471044 1.196 10.7639
0.067 670 1 0.1655599 801.3133 7211.82
1 10000 15 2.471 11959.9 107639.1
0.405 4046.873  6.070 1 4840 43560.17

Measure of Capacity

Metric Chinese Imperial
Litre Cu meter Sheng Gallon
1 0.001 1 0.2199692
4.546 0.004546 4.546 1
1000 1 1000 219.9692

Internet Resources

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Center for Disease Control Travelers’ Health
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China Internet Information Center
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People’s Republic of China Government Homepage
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China Daily
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China Site
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